The emergency works to the Protected Structures at Spencer Dock, to include the LMS and Woolstore buildings, were commissioned by Hines Ireland on behalf of NAMA.

The works were commissioned in response to the deterioration of the structural fabric as a result of water ingress.

The project involved the following structural/civil works.


  • Removal of vegetation to two storey lean to building
  • Temporary reinstatement of roof structure
  • Tying of roof and floor structures
  • Removal of pigeons and pigeon droppings from inside the main three-storey Woolstore building
  • Repairs to roof structure and removal of access for vermin
  • Provision of ventilation to each window opening
  • Temporary works to fire damaged single storey building at main entrance to Woolstore site


  • Provision of felt covering to entire roof structure to prevent further water ingress
  • Removal of decayed timberwork at first floor and ground floor and replacement with suitable timberwork
  • Provision of new roof drainage goods
  • Temporary works to two storey freestanding wall to rear of site
  • Removal & replacement of decayed timberwork to two main roof truss ends to central roof space
  • Provision of ventilation to room spaces, where possible
  • Removal of vegetation to rear of site